April 29, 2016

Visual ContrAcct

Why should you choose Visual ContrAcct® B2B job cost accounting software from Job Cost Inc.?

It's your company and you need an accounting system that will help you and your employees use their time efficiently and effectively. The team at Job Cost Inc has decades of experience working with contractors and construction companies, fulfilling your accounting needs with:

  • an integrated job cost management & accounting system designed by CPAs exclusively for contractors like you
  • a support team that knows the software inside out, because they are also part of the design team
  • update it based on the changing needs of you and your industry
  • personalized training and reliable telephone support from experienced professionals
  • a proven solution — the choice of hundreds of contractors like you
  • the reliability of a software company that has been around since 1979.
  • a scalable solution to grow with you and your company

You know that whatever the job, you can do it better when you use the right tool! You want a feature-rich system capable of handling complexity of your business without becoming part of the problem. Visual ContrAcct® gives you that ability with a range of benefits:

  • A single-entry system requiring only one-time entry of source documents
  • Internal posting from system to system, performed automatically, eliminates the need for repetitive entries
  • Standard or user-defined reports available on either screen or paper print out
  • All software supports multiple companies, work stations, and bank accounts
  • Password Security by user
  • Hotkey windows
  • MS Windows functions for quick and easy operation
  • Runs on PC's & Microsoft Networks
  • a totally integrated modular system — use only the modules you need, add additional capabilities as needed

Put this powerful software design to work and you'll experience a myriad of positive changes:

  • Improves cash flow & collections with automated accounts receivable
  • Reduces clerical expenses & paperwork in processing invoices, lien waivers, and other financial documents
  • Prepares payroll checks quickly and accurately including 7 types of payroll overhead.
  • Prepares government & union payroll reports
  • Tracks retainage automatically both for your contracts and those of your subcontractors
  • Increases billing accuracy: tracking original estimates, change orders, current estimates, actual job-to-date, and balance-to-complete
  • Eliminates costly duplication and errors with single-entry accounting
  • Provides an audit trail — the system's accuracy is always verifiable
  • Eliminates hand-posting to job cost, general ledger, payroll, etc.
  • Improves job profits & labor productivity through better cost analysis & reporting

Visual ContrAcct® is the accounting solution you need to keep the books, so the books don't keep you from your real business.

Access is requires a key. Click here to request a key to the Visual ContrAcct® test drive.

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