December 1, 2022

Modules: Accounts Payable

  • One-Time Invoice Entry, Including Retention Tracking
  • On-Screen Inquiry of Open Invoices, Including “Drill Down”
  • Automatic Discount Percentage and Due Date
  • Automatic Assignment of a Purchases Account Number for Fast Invoice Entry
  • Automatic Assignment of Vendor Numbers
  • Automatic Posting of Transactions to CASH MANAGEMENT, GENERAL LEDGER and JOB COST
  • Ability to put Vendors on Hold, Jobs on Hold, Invoices on Hold or Part of an Invoice on Hold Before Printing Checks
  • Alert for Duplicate Invoice
  • Processing of Credit Memos
  • Linked to Crystal Reports Report Writer®
  • Vendor (Including Subcontractor) Information With Calendar and Fiscal Year-to-Date Totals
  • Computer-Printed 1099’s
  • Pre-check Edit Report
  • Computer-Printed Checks
  • Check Registers for Handwritten Checks, Computer Printed Checks or Combination
  • Aging Reports Summarized by Vendor, Job, or Open Invoice Including Retention Tracking
  • Job-to-Date Detail of Payable Costs
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