December 1, 2022

Modules: Job Cost

  • On Screen Inquiry of Jobs and Job/phases, Including “Drill Down”
  • Up to 6 User-Selected Cost Categories Per Phase Such as Labor, Labor Overhead, Equipment, Material, Subcontracts, Miscellaneous
  • Tracking of Original Estimates, Change Orders, Current Estimates, Actual Job-To-Date, and Balance-To Complete
  • Automatic Posting of Payroll and Equipment Costs and Hours
  • Automatic Posting of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Job Detail Stored Indefinitely
  • Optional Storage of Completed Job Information in History Files
  • Lump Sum or Unit Price Estimate Entry
  • Linked to Crystal Reports Report Writer©
  • Job and Job/Phase Information
  • Month-To-Date, Year-To-Date and Job-To-Date Job Cost Summary Reports with and without Billings
  • Detail Audit Report Showing All Transactions Posted to a Job/Phase
  • Job and Job/Phase Percent Complete
  • Variance Reports Comparing Estimates to Actual Job Progress
  • Lien Waiver (Title & Trust) and Contractor’s Affidavit
  • AIA Billing
  • Job Cost Reports Have the Following Features:
    1. Beginning and Ending Job Numbers and Phase Numbers
    2. Up-To-The-Minute Estimate and Actual Cost Information
    3. All Jobs or Only Open Jobs
    4. Job/phase Detail or Job Totals Only
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