June 10, 2016

Modules: Payroll

  • Multi-Company Payroll
  • Multi-State Payroll
  • On-Screen Inquiry of Employee Information, Including Calendar and Fiscal Year-To-Date
  • Ability to Process Hourly, Salary and Commission Payrolls on a Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly Basis
  • One-Time Employee Time Card Entry, Including Optional Production, Billing and Equipment Usage Entry
  • Calculation and Reporting of 7 Types of Payroll Overhead (Fica, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Unemployment Tax, Union Benefits, Workers Compensation, Other 1, Other 2)
  • Calculation and Entry of Hand Written Checks (Layoff Checks)
  • Detail Files Can Be Stored on Disk Indefinitely
  • Automatic Posting of Checks to Employee Records and Cash Management
  • Automatic Posting and Reporting of Labor and Labor Overhead Costs to Equipment, General Ledger and Job Cost
  • Handles 401(K) & Section 125 (Cafeteria) Plans
  • Employee Information Including Year-To-Date, Earnings, Taxes and Deductions
  • Time Card Edit by Employee and/or by Job
  • Computer Printed Checks and Check Register
  • Weekly State and Federal Certified Job (Hud Wh-347)
  • Monthly Union Summary
  • Monthly Workers Compensation
  • Monthly Employment Utilization (Eeo) with Covered Area Summary
  • Quarterly and Year-To-Date Check Ledgers, Listing All Checks Paid to An Employee
  • Quarterly 941A Detail, Federal Unemployment Tax and State Unemployment Tax Reports
  • Annual W-2 Form Printing and Summary
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