May 23, 2016


Job Cost Inc., located in Naperville, IL, is in business to help you better manage your workflow through our tried and true software and IT services.

Founded in 1979 as ContrAcct Systems Corporation, Job Cost Inc has experience across many industries including Construction, Electrical Contracting, Plumbers, and Engineering Services. Our Mobile Resource Manager is the latest generation of our dispatching and field resource management software. Our programmers work to keep customers up to date with changes in technology as well as government and industry standards.

We moved to our current office in 1988 and have been continually upgrading and improving our software to help companies like yours leverage the latest technology: from the advent of DOS to the latest SQL database systems and mobile apps. Our IT department has helped hundreds of companies transition through the several generations of operating systems, improve their security and keep up with best practices.

Whether you are upgrading your hardware infrastructure or need workflow software that is tailored to suit your needs, our support team can help you reduce or eliminate your clutter and save you time so you can focus on doing the work you love, not the paperwork you don't.

An angled view of the office from Washington Street
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